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Fri-yay Recap

Why hello there pretties!  Happiest of Fridays and Saint Patrick’s Day to all! What a week it’s been.  Although my blog postings have been slow, I have been doing a lot of internal work, growing and learning how to improve everyone’s experience here at my favorite little spot on the internet.  I’ve also had a wonderful chance to speak to and connect with some amazing woman who have been blogging for years.  Although this little baby here is still in it’s  ...

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DIY chocolate chip banana “Lara bars”

Hi, my name is Rina and I am a Lara bar addict. Like seriously, I’m obsessed with them. I haven’t found one I don’t like, but let me tell you the limited edition banana chocolate chip flavor knocked my socks off. The thought of them not being a staple flavor is literally the stuff that nightmares are made of. So I decided, hey why not try to make them. Lara bars are so simple, just dates, nuts and whatever flavor fruits. I played around for a bit, and finally found a  ...

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An ode to strong women

Being a woman in this world is not easy 100% of the time. We are held to specific beauty standards, we are told the kind of wives, lovers, mothers and people we are supposed to be from the first moments that we can comprehend.  Most of us find we don’t fit into the mold as perfectly as we are expected to, and it can be such a defeating feeling.  That is until we find our people, our tribe, our group of strong woman who make us feel like we are capeable of doing amazing things. I am  ...

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Body positivity journey

How to Rock the Perfect Bathing Suit For Your Body Type

Ok friends show of hands, who dreads bathing suit shopping more than most things in this world?? Ok cool, me too. Now that we are all shuddering at the thought of stepping foot into any store until September, let’s have a little chat. Let’s talk about punching our insecurities right in their stupid little face. Sounds so satisfying right? Imagine if you could look in the mirror and just feel good? Yeah, maybe you have cellulite, rolls or stretch marks. Maybe your body shape  ...

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