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Easy DIY Nut Based Milk

Who is ready for the easiest and most delicious recipe for DIY nut milk?  I’m going to assume you have your hand waving high in the air, because I know I would!  When you have stopped laughing over the specific innuendos that go along with the name “nut milk” that is, I’ll wait ya’ll, I’ll wait.  I’ve been trying to prepare as much of my own food as possible lately, growing weary of all the added and unnecessary ingredients in a lot of my favorite  ...

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Vegan Fudge with Cherries and Macadamia Nuts

Quick, what’s the first question anyone asks vegans?  If you answered “how do you get enough protein”, you are CORRECT!  Seriously, I’ve been hearing this since I was a kid, and all I want in life is to educate the masses.  I also want to eat all the chocolate, so you’ll quickly understand why I fell in love with this vegan fudge.  Yes, this fudge is deliciously indulgent, sinfully chocolaty, and {gasp} packed with protein! If you truly believe that proper  ...

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Yoga adventures

Beginner’s Yoga Spotlight: Garland Pose (Malasana)

Here we go again, my newbie yogis (yes that’s us baby)!  We are going to just jump right into it today, with a little asana known as the garland pose (malasana).  The garland pose is basically a yoga squat.  I love doing this first thing in the morning, you know when you get that little burst of energy you get when you climb out of bed (can’t be just me, right?)  Plus, this pose aids in digestive health as well as strengthening our metabolism.  Revving up the metabolism and  ...

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Vegan Tacos with Quinoa & Basmati “Taco Meat”

Can I get a quick “Hell YASSS” for tacos please?!  I mean soft shell, hard shell, or in a bowl you can’y go wrong in my book.  With endless cravings rushing to the forefront of my brain, I decided it was time to make me some vegan tacos.  I’ve seen them made so many different ways, but I was really happy with the flavor profile and texture.  The earthy, nutty taste of cumin intermingled with the blast of chili powder and tang of lime, nothing short of a home run! Now  ...

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