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Body positivity journey

How the world changes when you begin to love yourself

Happy Sunday Funday you beautiful people!  Today brings snow and weigh-in day here in MA!! When I stepped on the scale, I found myself down .4 lbs.  Not 100% where I hoped to be, the weight loss has been slowing down to a crawl for the past month.  I know I haven’t been great with my water intake which I know has been a definite factor.  I can’t lie, I was a little bummed but then I started to really think about it. A loss is still a loss, and even if it comes off slow,  ...

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68lbs of victory

As I lay here on a snowy Saturday afternoon, snuggled up to my sick 3 year old and surrounded by meal plans and a weekly list of tasks to add to my planner, I find myself drifting back to when this all was a dream. I held the want to change so close to me, hoping that the radiations would shock through me. I wanted it so badly but was so boggled down by the weight of the actual weight I needed to shed. Even harder, I struggled with who I had become and the things I was missing out on. I was  ...

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Raspberry Lemonade Protein Muffins

I love me some breakfast.  I’m always looking for new, plan friendly ideas that don’t cost me a days worth of macros.  Protein pancakes are an awesome comfort food swap, and I really wanted to find some other recipes that were along those lines.  Then a light bulb flashed.  Mother lovin’ protein muffins ya’ll! So, when I found a recipe on No Excuses Nutrition  for raspberry protein muffins I had to try it!  I change up their recipe a bit, changing the brand of  ...

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A few thoughts

The past 6 months have been the most eye opening, life changing, and soul cleansing months of my life.  For years, I felt trapped in a body I didn’t feel like I belonged.  It wasn’t me, the crazy, bubbly, adventurous girl I had always been felt suffocated underneath the extra pounds and layers of self destruction I had caused.   I sit here typing this today with a giant smile on my face and a warmth in my soul that even mama’s chicken soup couldn’t bring.  I  ...

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