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10 Things To Remember About Loving Somebody With Anxiety Disorder

I had different plans for today’s post.  I had a mapped out schedule and pictures already edited.  Then I woke up, and for no reason at all, the weight of an elephant sat on my chest.  Good morning anxiety, thanks for being here today.  Mornings like this make getting out of bed almost painful because in the back of your mind you know, today will not be a good day.  Today there will be crying, and irrational fights, and a million things that I can’t explain or that even make  ...

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An ode to strong women

Being a woman in this world is not easy 100% of the time. We are held to specific beauty standards, we are told the kind of wives, lovers, mothers and people we are supposed to be from the first moments that we can comprehend.  Most of us find we don’t fit into the mold as perfectly as we are expected to, and it can be such a defeating feeling.  That is until we find our people, our tribe, our group of strong woman who make us feel like we are capeable of doing amazing things. I am  ...

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