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Cranberry Peach Baked Oatmeal Muffins

It’s been an incredible summer, but alas brisk air has already began blowing.  What is a girl to do, besides start getting down with all her favorite fall treats!  Oatmeal has long been a morning staple in my life, the warmth and fullness sticks to your bones.  It’s my go to healthy breakfast most days, because it’s easy and keeps me full for hours.  How can you not love oatmeal honestly, it’s pretty much a blank canvas for flavors and jam packed with health  ...

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Easy DIY Nut Based Milk

Who is ready for the easiest and most delicious recipe for DIY nut milk?  I’m going to assume you have your hand waving high in the air, because I know I would!  When you have stopped laughing over the specific innuendos that go along with the name “nut milk” that is, I’ll wait ya’ll, I’ll wait.  I’ve been trying to prepare as much of my own food as possible lately, growing weary of all the added and unnecessary ingredients in a lot of my favorite  ...

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Chunky Monkey “Nice” Cream {Vegan & Gluten Free}

I scream, you scream, we all scream for…well you know how it goes.  It’s summer time and there is literally NOTHING better than ending a long day in the sun with a cold, creamy ice cream cone.  Who doesn’t have fond summertime memories centered around family time and frozen treats?  I have a million, whether it’s a trip to the Cape with a stop at The Sundae School on the way home, or walking up town to Skinner’s Sugar House with friends on a hot July afternoon.  ...

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8 Delious Vegan Chocolate Desserts

Stop the presses my friends, I just found out it is World Chocolate Day !  Seriously, why is this not bigger news?   We should all be celebrating today, YES all of us!  Since trying to transition over to full vegan (still a process, but we’re moving),  I have scoured the web for the best looking vegan friendly recipes to play around with.  I was actually blown away by the amount of sweet, chocolatey treats that are being concocted  in homes around the country.  In fact, I have a whole  ...

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