About me

Oh hey!  I’m Rina, just a small town girl, living in a lonely world , sorry Journey moment.  I can still claim that I’m a twenty-something blogger (one year till 30!) and lover of all things healthy eating, yoga, and caffeinated.  Posts here usually include delicious healthy recipes, yoga tutorials or tips, and lots of love yourself incentives.  I’m all about embracing your authentic self, and treating our bodies the way they deserve to be treated!  My take on the golden rule.  I started this blog as part of my own health and wellness journey, but it has developed into so much more, and for that I am so thankful!  My journey isn’t finished, but with 70 lbs down and a new lease on life I feel invincible.  I want to help other bad ass warriors feel the same, so that’s why I’m here.

A little progress pic action, because I’m ridiculously proud!

       Another huge part of my journey has been the ever daunting task of learning to truly and unconditionally love myself, not just for who I’m becoming, but for who I’ve always been.  I’ve battled with low self esteem and a constant feeling if self doubt ever since I was a chubby little kid, shielding off the taunting of other kids on the playground.  Humor became my best defense,  figuring if I could get them to laugh with me, they wouldn’t laugh at me.  It never made the insecurity go away though, and I’m slowly realizing that only I can do that.  I’m an amazing woman, mother, wife, and friend.  I’m starting to appreciate my body in all it’s forms and stages.  It’s crazy watching the changes and feeling the successes.  So many people struggle with issues like body dysmorphia, self hate, depression, anxiety, and so many more REAL relevant problems, and to me finding a way to combat that is just as important (if not more).  I feel like their are so many of you out there who can relate and I hope that we can all work at this together, and find our inner warriors!

        So, here I am!  Not a pro or a coach, just a strong woman who is finally realizing her self worth and hoping to inspire, help motivate,  or even just be a sounding board to those who are on the same journey.  I’ll never try to sell you a magic shake or a miracle pill, but I will share the ups and the downs, honestly and with a touch of the sarcastic humor that I am pretty well know for.  If even a piece of my journey helps someone get the motivation to take control of their life and health, I feel like it makes this all worth it!  I’m excited to add this new chapter to my ever changing journey and can’t wait to see where this one leads!