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A Fresh Start!

Happy 2018 my friends! Rina Losing It has been quiet for QUITE some time, but I am happy to say I’m back and more motivated than ever!


A few things will be changing this year because I needed to shake things up. I started to let things slip and to be truthful I gained a little weight back. It was a pretty emotional process, and it felt like a failure like every single failure I had before. It broke me for a moment. I let my plateau allow me to spiral a bit without even noticing what was happening. The course is always the same.

Thankfully, this time I stopped it in its tracks!  I mean I may be carrying a few more pounds than last time I checked in, but I’m not going to let it bring me back to where I used to be. I see that happening to so many amazing people, and it kills me because I know how it gnaws at your insides. If you could change it all today, how far would you be willing to go for it?

Here’s the biggest change in the journey so far: I’m back on Weight Watchers!

Needed to find some structure, and I know WW works if you work it. It seemed like a no-brainer and so far, it’s been pretty awesome. I think changing it up is important sometimes, especially to avoid getting bored and too comfortable. All of the best personal growth is a bit uncomfortable.


So what is changing here at Rina Losing It?

Um erythang! I’ll be documenting my weight loss journey again with weekly weigh-ins. There will also be:

  • Tons of weight watcher friendly meal ideas
  • Focus and help with the Freestyle program
  • Lots of support and awesome self-love posts
  • A look into what causes my downfalls and coping with bingeing
  • Travel, loving life, and finding happiness!

This year I will turn 30.

I want to scratch off a million things on my bucket list.

This year is one I want to look back on as the year that changed it all.

I can’t wait to see where this journey leads, and thank you for sticking with me. We are here to conquer our goals, and there are no roadblocks that will stop that! Let’s do this ya’ll!



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