A New Start

Radio silence around Rina Losing It for the past few months. I haven’t known what to say so I shied away, hoping that my motivation would magically make it’s way back to my life. I lost it sometime back at the beginning of summer, over margaritas and cookout foods.

I wanted to do better, every single day I woke up with that same can-do attitude I had last July.  Still, by the end of the day, I was stuffing my face with one thing or another.  The self-doubt has begun to creep back in, the self-deprecating feelings, it’s all just too familiar.

Rina Losing It was thrown on the back burner because I was embarrassed.

I wanted to be perfect, how crazy is that, right?

I won’t ever be perfect.  I’m sure you won’t either.  That’s not to be taken offensively because perfection is boring.

So, here I am, recommitted to a healthy life.  Recommitted to myself and everything I have worked for. Ready to take on the world again.  I’m writing the post because I’ve always been honest with you all.  You have pushed me, supported me, inspired me.  I haven’t been holding up our end of the bargain, but I promise that ends today!

So, here we go!  There are 60 more pounds to lose and infinite more memories to make, let’s do this together!

Stay tuned!

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